Supporting Warrant Clearing in NYC

There are more than 1.6 million outstanding warrants in New York City, most of which are a result of missed court appearances for low-level offenses. In an effort to reduce resulting arrests and produce a fairer criminal justice system, MOCJ engaged Reboot to understand the barriers and influencing factors connected to warrant clearing for New York City residents, and to develop interventions for reducing the number of outstanding warrants.

Following primary research with over 100 residents to identify their barriers and motivations for clearing warrants, Reboot identified several opportunities, taking into account feasibility and impact. With the input of key partners the team selected one set of opportunities to pursue for potential implementation. This service was then tested with 41 residents to inform an upcoming pilot and possible larger-scale implementation.

User personas created from the initial research phase.

User personas mapped on a matrix of confidence and ability
Barriers, goals, and service intervention in the warrant clearing process
Message and images cards used during testing
The team works to synthesize research from user testing

Outreach campaign for the Fall 2018 pilot.

Three proposed posters for the outreach campaign

Proposed informational webpage for the Fall 2018 pilot.

Proposed website for warrant clearing information on a smartphone