2018 NYC Open Data for All Report

In New York City, “Open Data for All” is more than a government mandate. Many NYC agencies run on open data; it's baked into the way they operate. And that's the story we told in the 2018 Open Data for All Report. By enrolling government agencies, and engaginging communities, MODA works to turn rows of figures into a case for the significance of this data—and more importantly, its potential to help us problem-solve.

I partnered with the NYC Mayor's Office of Data Analytics (MODA) to design a brand for the report, and create the layout. Additionally, I led the creation of a short video highlighting the ways NYC's open data can be seen in everyday life.

2018 Open Data Report table of contents
2018 Open Data Report spread

We had a tight timeline for shooting the video, and many moving pieces to keep track of. I designed a pre-production book detailing our shots, specific datasets to capture, and everything else needed to ensure a smooth production.

2018 Open Data Report pre production book